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ADP Report
RankPlayerRosterStatusAvg. PickMin. PickMax. Pick% Selected
1McCaffrey, Christian CAR RBPapa Mike / Valar Morghulis1.491590
2Barkley, Saquon NYG RBPapa Mike / Valar Morghulis2.431690
3Thomas, Michael NOS WRTDH / Night King - NS5.2021293
4Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RBBall Snatchers / Jon Snow5.2111187
5Kamara, Alvin NOS RBJorah the Andal7.1321692
6Cook, Dalvin MIN RBKW/Daenerys - NS7.2911892
7Jackson, Lamar BAL QBGiant's Milk/ Giantsbane - NS11.4713589
8Chubb, Nick CLE RBGiant's Milk/ Giantsbane - NS11.7042292
9Hopkins, DeAndre HOU WRCiga_FF/Red ViperQuestionable12.3732691
10Mixon, Joe CIN RBGiant's Milk/ Giantsbane - NS12.9233092
11Adams, Davante GBP WRManny/Littlefingers House of HORRors - NS13.4752582
12Mahomes, Patrick KCC QBTDH / Night King - NS14.4815293
13Hill, Tyreek KCC WRCiga_FF/Red Viper15.5413291
14Henry, Derrick TEN RBBerlin / The Hound18.5414985
15Kittle, George SFO TETDH / Night King - NS18.5713591
16Godwin, Chris TBB WRManny/Littlefingers House of HORRors - NSQuestionable18.8724293
17Jacobs, Josh LVR RBBerlin / The HoundQuestionable19.2864093
18Jones, Aaron GBP RBCiga_FF/Red Viper20.3545689
19Kelce, Travis KCC TEKW/Daenerys - NS22.9554889
20Evans, Mike TBB WRSilverdude88 / The ImpQuestionable24.80114390
21Fournette, Leonard JAC RBBerlin / The HoundQuestionable24.8375691
22Sanders, Miles PHI RBSilverdude88 / The ImpQuestionable25.2995590
23Smith-Schuster, JuJu PIT WRBall Snatchers / Jon Snow26.1624489
24Moore, D.J. CAR WRKW/Daenerys - NSQuestionable27.1274591
25Swift, D'Andre FA RBFA28.4016760
26Watson, Deshaun HOU QBJorah the Andal28.7518491
27Cooper, Amari DAL WRBerlin / The Hound31.10105490
28Taylor, Jonathan FA RBFA32.2627559
29Beckham, Odell CLE WRGiant's Milk/ Giantsbane - NSQuestionable32.2935294
30Jones, Julio ATL WRManny/Littlefingers House of HORRors - NS33.3157887
31Brown, A.J. TEN WRSilverdude88 / The Imp35.28135590
32Golladay, Kenny DET WRCF/Brienne35.7586393
33Dobbins, J.K. FA RBFA37.3537659
34Sutton, Courtland DEN WRGiant's Milk/ Giantsbane - NS39.5566891
35Ekeler, Austin LAC RBJorah the Andal40.01128890
36Wilson, Russell SEA QBKW/Daenerys - NS43.6529289
37Murray, Kyler ARI QBGiant's Milk/ Giantsbane - NS43.80210691
38Gurley, Todd LAR RBSilverdude88 / The Imp46.48111282
39Andrews, Mark BAL TEBerlin / The Hound46.5788590
40Gordon, Melvin LAC RBJorah the Andal46.631510286
41Robinson, Allen CHI WRCF/Brienne46.7668790
42Kupp, Cooper LAR WRGiant's Milk/ Giantsbane - NS46.8697991
43Prescott, Dak DAL QBBall Snatchers / Jon Snow47.991011387
44Singletary, Devin BUF RBCF/Brienne48.0099392
45Allen, Keenan LAC WRTDH / Night King - NS48.23139589
46Diggs, Stefon MIN WRMaesters / Samwell Tarly51.58149391
47Metcalf, DK SEA WRPapa Mike / Valar Morghulis52.2668392
48Drake, Kenyan ARI RBManny/Littlefingers House of HORRors - NS56.331411983
49Akers, Cam FA RBFA57.08411658
50Mack, Marlon IND RBPapa Mike / Valar Morghulis57.441011086
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