Show me the career records for franchises for games between week and week
Career Records
#FranchiseWLTPctPFAvg PFPAAvg PASeasons
1.Concrete Jungle 0000.0000.
2.Kharon's Knights 0000.0000.
3.Troy's Gladiators 0000.0000.
4.Silent Snowstorm 0000.0000.
5.Chernobyl Toxins 0000.0000.
6.Apocalypse 0000.0000.
7.Valhalla 0000.0000.
8.Gotham 0000.0000.
9.Code Black (CF) 0000.0000.
10.King's Landing 0000.0000.
11.Avalon 0000.0000.
12.Alcatraz Storm 0000.0000.
Hint: Missing past seasons on this report? If so, it might mean that your commissioner needs to fill out the Link Historical Franchises page.