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FantasySharks.com Player Rankings
Rank PlayerStatusLast Week Rank ChangeAvg Draft Position ADP Rank Diff From ADP Rank
1.McCaffrey, Christian CAR RB Papa Mike / Valar Morghulis1-- 11-- 
2.Barkley, Saquon NYG RB Papa Mike / Valar Morghulis2-- 22-- 
3.Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RB Ball Snatchers / Jon Snow3-- 33-- 
4.Adams, Davante GBP WR Manny/Littlefingers House of HORRors - NS4-- 12128
5.Thomas, Michael NOS WR TDH / Night King - NS5-- 44-1 
6.Kamara, Alvin NOS RB Jorah the Andal6-- 66-- 
7.Cook, Dalvin MIN RB KW/Daenerys - NS7-- 55-2 
8.Henry, Derrick TEN RB Berlin / The Hound8-- 15157
9.Gurley, Todd LAR RB Silverdude88 / The Imp9-- 404031
10.Jones, Aaron GBP RB Ciga_FF/Red Viper10-- 19199
11.Mostert, Raheem SFO RB Berlin / The Hound11-- 929281
12.Williams, Damien KCC RB KW/Daenerys - NS12-- 878775
13.Smith-Schuster, JuJu PIT WR Ball Snatchers / Jon Snow13-- 242411
14.Kelce, Travis KCC TE KW/Daenerys - NS14-- 17173 
15.Hill, Tyreek KCC WR Ciga_FF/Red Viper15-- 1313-2 
16.Drake, Kenyan ARI RB Manny/Littlefingers House of HORRors - NS16-- 505034
17.Jackson, Lamar BAL QB Giant's Milk/ Giantsbane - NS17-- 77-10
18.Mixon, Joe CIN RB Giant's Milk/ Giantsbane - NS18-- 1111-7
19.Jones, Julio ATL WR Manny/Littlefingers House of HORRors - NS19-- 303011
20.Gordon, Melvin LAC RB Jorah the Andal20-- 434323
21.Kittle, George SFO TE TDH / Night King - NS21-- 1414-7
22.Parker, DeVante MIA WR Maesters / Samwell Tarly22-- 777755
23.Mahomes, Patrick KCC QB TDH / Night King - NS23-- 99-14
24.Allen, Keenan LAC WR TDH / Night King - NS24-- 444420
25.Chubb, Nick CLE RB Giant's Milk/ Giantsbane - NS25-- 88-17
26.Robinson, Allen CHI WR CF/Brienne26-- 454519
27.Woods, Robert LAR WR KW/Daenerys - NS27-- 757548
28.Golladay, Kenny DET WR CF/Brienne28-- 31313 
29.Ekeler, Austin LAC RB Jorah the Andal29-- 34345
30.Hopkins, DeAndre HOU WR (Q) Ciga_FF/Red Viper30-- 1010-20
31.Lynch, Marshawn SEA RB KW/Daenerys - NS31-- 277277246
32.Ingram, Mark BAL RB CF/Brienne32-- 818149
33.Cooper, Amari DAL WR Berlin / The Hound33-- 2626-7
34.Boyd, Tyler CIN WR Giant's Milk/ Giantsbane - NS34-- 636329
35.Sanders, Miles PHI RB (Q) Silverdude88 / The Imp35-- 2121-14
36.Watson, Deshaun HOU QB Jorah the Andal36-- 2020-16
37.Lockett, Tyler SEA WR Ball Snatchers / Jon Snow37-- 707033
38.Mack, Marlon IND RB Papa Mike / Valar Morghulis38-- 535315
39.Kupp, Cooper LAR WR Giant's Milk/ Giantsbane - NS39-- 42423 
40.Evans, Mike TBB WR (Q) Silverdude88 / The Imp40-- 2323-17
41.Tate, Golden NYG WR Ball Snatchers / Jon Snow41-- 171171130
42.White, James NEP RB Papa Mike / Valar Morghulis42-- 13113189
43.Hilton, T.Y. IND WR Manny/Littlefingers House of HORRors - NS43-- 10110158
44.Fournette, Leonard JAC RB (Q) Berlin / The Hound44-- 2222-22
45.Prescott, Dak DAL QB Ball Snatchers / Jon Snow45-- 3939-6
46.Godwin, Chris TBB WR (Q) Manny/Littlefingers House of HORRors - NS46-- 1818-28
47.Bell, Le'Veon NYJ RB Maesters / Samwell Tarly47-- 56569
48.Diggs, Stefon MIN WR Maesters / Samwell Tarly48-- 4848-- 
49.Freeman, Devonta ATL RB Giant's Milk/ Giantsbane - NS49-- 13413485
50.Sutton, Courtland DEN WR Giant's Milk/ Giantsbane - NS50-- 3838-12
51.Conner, James PIT RB (Q) Papa Mike / Valar Morghulis51-- 626211
52.Guice, Derrius WAS RB CF/Brienne52-- 767624
53.Kirk, Christian ARI WR Silverdude88 / The Imp53-- 797926
54.Ertz, Zach PHI TE (Q) Silverdude88 / The Imp54-- 4646-8
55.Edelman, Julian NEP WR (Q) Jorah the Andal55-- 12412469
56.Brown, John BUF WR KW/Daenerys - NS56-- 11311357
57.Green, A.J. CIN WR (Q) Ciga_FF/Red Viper57-- 10510548
58.Gallup, Michael DAL WR TDH / Night King - NS58-- 737315
59.Singletary, Devin BUF RB CF/Brienne59-- 4141-18
60.Brown, A.J. TEN WR Silverdude88 / The Imp60-- 3232-28
61.Hooper, Austin ATL TE Ciga_FF/Red Viper61-- 5151-10
62.Montgomery, David CHI RB KW/Daenerys - NS62-- 65653 
63.Cohen, Tarik CHI RB Ball Snatchers / Jon Snow63-- 12912966
64.Chark, D.J. JAC WR Giant's Milk/ Giantsbane - NS64-- 6161-3 
65.Andrews, Mark BAL TE Berlin / The Hound65-- 3737-28
66.Samuel, Deebo SFO WR Jorah the Andal66-- 5757-9
67.Peterson, Adrian WAS RB KW/Daenerys - NS67-- 245245178
68.Wilson, Russell SEA QB KW/Daenerys - NS68-- 3333-35
69.Cook, Jared NOS TE Jorah the Andal69-- 11011041
70.Metcalf, DK SEA WR Papa Mike / Valar Morghulis70-- 4747-23
71.Shepard, Sterling NYG WR Silverdude88 / The Imp71-- 13613665
72.Jacobs, Josh LVR RB (Q) Berlin / The Hound72-- 1616-56
73.Landry, Jarvis CLE WR (Q) Papa Mike / Valar Morghulis73-- 80807
74.Jones, Ronald TBB RB TDH / Night King - NS74-- 11111137
75.Hunt, Kareem CLE RB Maesters / Samwell Tarly75-- 909015
76.Carson, Chris SEA RB (Q) Ciga_FF/Red Viper76-- 6464-12
77.Jones, Daniel NYG QB TDH / Night King - NS77-- 6868-9
78.Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR CF/Brienne78-- 229229151
79.Crowder, Jamison NYJ WR Papa Mike / Valar Morghulis79-- 14014061
80.Agholor, Nelson PHI WR (Q) Manny/Littlefingers House of HORRors - NS80-- 268268188
81.Anderson, Robby NYJ WR Jorah the Andal81-- 12312342
82.Michel, Sony NEP RB Ciga_FF/Red Viper82-- 10810826
83.Westbrook, Dede JAC WR KW/Daenerys - NS83-- 194194111
84.Moore, D.J. CAR WR (Q) KW/Daenerys - NS84-- 2525-59
85.Thielen, Adam MIN WR Jorah the Andal85-- 8484-1 
86.Ridley, Calvin ATL WR (Q) KW/Daenerys - NS86-- 5959-27
87.Beasley, Cole BUF WR CF/Brienne87-- 214214127
88.Williams, Mike LAC WR Ciga_FF/Red Viper88-- 10310315
89.Samuel, Curtis CAR WR Papa Mike / Valar Morghulis89-- 10610617
90.Beckham, Odell CLE WR (Q) Giant's Milk/ Giantsbane - NS90-- 2929-61
91.Ryan, Matt ATL QB Jorah the Andal91-- 7878-13
92.Cooks, Brandin LAR WR Silverdude88 / The Imp92-- 11211220
93.Perriman, Breshad TBB WR Ball Snatchers / Jon Snow93-- 18618693
94.Scarbrough, Bo DET RB FA94-- 278278184
95.McLaurin, Terry WAS WR (Q) CF/Brienne95-- 7171-24
96.Watkins, Sammy KCC WR Manny/Littlefingers House of HORRors - NS96-- 17817882
97.Goff, Jared LAR QB KW/Daenerys - NS97-- 6969-28
98.Engram, Evan NYG TE (Q) Giant's Milk/ Giantsbane - NS98-- 5454-44
99.Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB Manny/Littlefingers House of HORRors - NS99-- 6767-32
100.Hyde, Carlos HOU RB Manny/Littlefingers House of HORRors - NS100-- 212212112