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Topic DAY OF Reckoning Message Board / Draft Housekeeping - Wanna start early? (Tonight about 6 pm) (46 hits)

Commissioner Date Sat May 2 10:22:37 a.m. ET 2020
If Gladiators is interested in starting early as well as everyone else I will turn the draft on early tonight instead of tomorrow morning.  He has the first pick so it matters!

Each year in the off season we will hold a rookie draft (May/June) for the rookies entering the NFL.  The draft timer will be 12 hrs. to help accommodate for different time zones and sleeping hours.  The timer will not shut off.  During this draft you may also choose free agent players (aka vets).  *******REMEMBER*******  MFL allows the draft SPOT 12 hrs if you make a trade the new owner will have whatever time is remaining on that timer, it will not reset to a new 12 hrs.  This is important when you might trade and I am away or the middle of the night. I would try to avoid 11th hr trades so to speak.  If you send me an email I can make the pick for you once I process the trade.

IF YOU NEED TO PAY for 2021 due to a pick being traded my paypal is coinflip.1@gmail.com  (Please send as GOODS/Services no Friends payments.  $72.40 (if you out of the USA please add $2)

Teams can participate in as many rounds as they choose (0-6 rounds) Your roster may not exceed the 26 player limit.  You may need to make drops to be align as such.    Dropped players will be locked during the draft.

There will be a thread made to “Declare your draft complete” once you determine your draft is done.  Once you post in this thread you may not re-enter the draft.  I will then “skip” your pick so other teammates can resume their drafts.  If you time out during rounds 4-6  you will not be able to re-enter draft.  Your draft will be COMPLETE.  If you time out during the draft in rounds 1-3 the draft will continue and you will be able to post your pick in a message thread as soon as you arrive.

ALL PLAYERS after our rookie/FA draft will be considered Free Agents and available for BBID Waivers.
Commissioner Date Sat May 2 10:26:13 a.m. ET 2020
Cliff Notes:

12 hr timer never shuts off and does not reset if you trade
If you trade a 2021 rookie pick -Please pay as GOODs $72.40 to coinflip.1@gmail.com
Make sure you're within roster limits or your PREDRAFT will not spin off and you may timeout
Snipe Kharons Knights as often as possible
Be a courteus drafter dont sit on the clock but have fun and make trades if you like
Troy's Gladiators Date Sat May 2 11:02:28 a.m. ET 2020
I am good to go
Apocalypse Date Sat May 2 11:20:07 a.m. ET 2020
Silent Snowstorm Date Sat May 2 1:58:41 p.m. ET 2020
I am going to try my best to be within the 12 hour window, obviously picking on that earlier side of that.

I am out floating in the ocean, internet sucks and comes and goes and I am +7 hours on the EST time zone. I say all that to ask please be patient with me, I promise if its on me for a bit its not me being a butthole about it.

If you want any of the picks I have left they are not free but am more than happy to trade them. Offers (best offer) needs to be in sooner than me being on the clock cause I am not going to attempt to go back and forth with all the crap I listed above going on.

Happy Draft Day everyone !!

Picks I hold - 3.06, 3.08, 4.06, 4.12, 5.06 & 6.06


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Topic DAY OF Reckoning Message Board / Draft Housekeeping - Wanna start early? (Tonight about 6 pm) (46 hits)