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League Auction: Sun Aug 11 6:00:00 p.m. ET 2019

Sun, 11 Aug 2019 18:00:00 UTC-0400

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Franchise Owner Activity
FranchiseLast Visited This Page
Nick's Franchise3 days, 18 hours, 49 minutes ago
Commissioner5 days, 7 hours, 37 minutes ago
Storm in a Teacup5 days, 7 hours, 38 minutes ago
Ringgold12 days, 12 hours, 33 minutes ago
Red Stick Tigers15 days, 20 hours, 32 minutes ago
Suhs Your Daddy16 days, 18 hours, 24 minutes ago
League Champions

The Sun Never Sets Paragon Annual Auction League Champions




Saints & Sinners


The Fury


Rogue Assassins


Jersey Boys


Crystal Ship




Silent Midgets


Steel City Up-Downs


Storm in a Teacup

League Standings
Franchise W‑L‑T Pct Strk PF PA OP DP Eff PP All-Play W‑L‑T PWR VP WW Salary
Storm in a Teacup Storm in a Teacup 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00 0 16$0
Nick's Franchise 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0 000.0% 00‑0‑00 0 15$0
Franchise 3 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0 000.0% 00‑0‑00 0 14$0
Franchise 4 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0 000.0% 00‑0‑00 0 13$0
Franchise 5 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0 000.0% 00‑0‑00 0 12$0
Franchise 6 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0 000.0% 00‑0‑00 0 11$0
Franchise 7 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0 000.0% 00‑0‑00 0 10$0
Franchise 8 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0 000.0% 00‑0‑00 0 9$0
Suhs Your Daddy Suhs Your Daddy 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0 000.0% 00‑0‑00 0 8$0
Franchise 10 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0 000.0% 00‑0‑00 0 7$0
Buttergig's Honey Badgers Buttergig's Honey Badgers 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0 000.0% 00‑0‑00 0 6$0
Red Stick Tigers Red Stick Tigers 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0 000.0% 00‑0‑00 0 5$0
Wildcats 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0 000.0% 00‑0‑00 0 4$0
Franchise 14 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0 000.0% 00‑0‑00 0 3$0
Franchise 15 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0 000.0% 00‑0‑00 0 2$0
Ringgold Ringgold 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0 000.0% 00‑0‑00 0 1$0
Monthly Calendar
< Mar 2019 >
Lineup Deadline
Week 1
Thu Sep 5 8:30:00 p.m. ET 2019
In 167 days, 11 hours, 47 minutes
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Week 1 Matchup Chart
The chart will appear within this DIV. This text will be replaced by the chart. If it does not, it most likely means that you have this Matchup Chart twice on your league home page, when it can only appear once.
Trade Bait
FranchiseWill Give UpIn Exchange For
No Trade Bait Entered
Top 10 Week 1 Owns
1.Jones, Julio ATL WR (Q)100.00%
2.Newton, Cam CAR QB (Q)100.00%
3.Luck, Andrew IND QB100.00%
4.Cousins, Kirk MIN QB100.00%
5.Wilson, Russell SEA QB100.00%
6.Hilton, T.Y. IND WR (Q)100.00%
7.Allen, Keenan LAC WR (Q)100.00%
8.Woods, Robert LAR WR100.00%
9.Hopkins, DeAndre HOU WR (Q)100.00%
10.Kelce, Travis KCC TE (Q)100.00%
All Top Owns
Featured Articles
2019 IDP DRAFT PREVIEW: Montez Sweat – EDGE, Mississippi State
Gary Davenport (FantasySharks) published Mar 20, 2019

Hunter, Danielle MIN DE
Danielle Hunter

The lead up to the NFL Draft can be filled with ups and downs—especially for first-round prospects. In 2019, there hasn’t been a player who has had more of a roller-coaster ride than Mississippi State edge-rusher, a 6’6″, 260-pound edge-rusher who tallied 53 tackles, 14 tackles for loss, 11.5 sacks and a forced fumble for the Bulldogs in 2018.

First, as Bucky Brooks reported for NFL.com, Sweat followed up a great week of practices at the Senior Bowl with a jaw-dropping showing at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

“No one has crushed the pre-draft process better than Sweat,” he said. “The former Mississippi State star opened eyes in January at the Reese’s Senior Bowl with (More...)

Live Scoring
Week 1
Buttergig's Honey Badgers0.00Details
Franchise 40.00Details
Franchise 150.00
Franchise 30.00Details
Franchise 140.00
Nick's Franchise0.00Details
Franchise 50.00Details
Storm in a Teacup0.00
Franchise 60.00Details
Red Stick Tigers0.00
Franchise 70.00Details
Franchise 100.00
Franchise 80.00Details
Suhs Your Daddy0.00
Monday Report
Monday Report Will Be Displayed On Mondays During The Season For Head-To-Head Leagues.
Fantasy Recap - Game Of The Week
No Week 1 Recaps Are Available
Fantasy Preview - Game Of The Week
Buttergig's Honey Badgers at Ringgold

(MyFantasyLeague.com Fantasy Times Sources - Sep 10, 2019) Coming up in a week 1 The Sun Never Sets Paragon Annual Auction League matchup, the 0-0 Buttergig's Honey Badgers challenge the 0-0 Ringgold.

"We must control the tempo of the game," Buttergig's Honey Badgers coach Dave Butler said.

"We have to come out of the locker room fired up," Ringgold coach Mike McKeta said.

This is the first game between these two franchises in 2019, and is sure to be a hard-fought struggle.

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10 Newest Transactions
# Franchise TypeTransactionDate
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Top 10 Free Agents
No Top Performers To Report
All Top Performer Free Agents
Top 10 Players
No Top Performers To Report
All Top Performer Players
Top 10 Steals
All Steals and Busts
Top 10 Busts
All Steals and Busts
Player Records
1.1.Clayborn, Adrian ATL DE201710The Fantasy Maven - NS66.40
2.2.Martin, Doug TBB RB20129Storming Foxes - S58.20
3.3.Bell, Le'Veon PIT RB201614Wildcats - S57.40
4.4.Charles, Jamaal KCC RB201315Crystal Ship - S57.10
5.5.Vick, Michael PHI QB201010W.S.A. - S56.32
6.6.Harrison, Jerome CLE RB200915That Guy - NS55.60
7.7.Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB20148Storming Foxes - NS55.43
8.8.Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB20114Summers Time Blues - S55.42
9.9.Brees, Drew NOS QB20158HgH Not Included - NS54.80
10.10.Manning, Peyton DEN QB20131dahaole - S54.18
All Player Records
Season Records
1. Ringgold 2018 12203739.57 2585.16
2. Storm in a Teacup 2009 11303569 2680.67
3. That Guy 2009 11503566.27 3342.9
4. Crystal Ship 2013 14303459.72 3338.81
5. Silent Midgets 2014 7503401.82 2324.88
6. Storming Foxes 2010 12303399.55 2763.33
7. Buttergig's Honey Badgers 2018 8603376.52 2902.19
8. Steel City Up-Downs 2010 12403371.12 2969.06
9. The Fury 2015 11603366.69 3325.01
10. Raven Maniacs 2018 11503364.46 3181.86
All Season Records
Record Streaks
#FranchiseYearStart WeekStreak LengthStreak Type
1.Angry Samoans2011411Losing
3.Fat Little Girlfriends200919Losing
4.Karl's Hungus201049Losing
5.Montana to Rice201049Winning
7.Mad Dogs201319Losing
8.Johnny's Jets201659Losing
9.Jersey Boys201248Winning
10.Bad News Bears201418Losing
All Record Streaks
League Awards
SeasonAward TitleFranchiseComments
2018 League ChampionRinggold
2018 Second Place OverallRaven Maniacs
2018 Third Place OverallThe Metamucil Kid
2018 Fourth Place OverallButtergig's Honey Badgers
2018 League High ScorerRinggold3739.57, winner by 365 points
2018 5th Place OverallStorm in a Teacup
2017 League ChampionSaints & Sinners233.99 vs 173.27
2017 Second Place OverallWildcats233.99 vs 173.27
2017 Third Place OverallSuhs Your Daddy
2017 Fourth Place OverallThe Fantasy Maven
2017 League High ScorerSaints & Sinners3486.19, winner by 22 points
2016 League ChampionThe Fury217.53 vs 210.99
2016 Second Place OverallSuhs Your Daddy217.53 vs 210.99
2016 Third Place OverallHurricane Ditka
2016 Fourth Place OverallQuad City Mobsters
2016 League High ScorerSuhs Your Daddy3551.01, winner by 119 points
2015 League ChampionRogue Assassins
2015 Second Place OverallThe Fury
2015 Third Place OverallSuhs Your Daddy
2015 Fourth Place OverallRed Stick Tigers
2015 League High ScorerBad News Bears2857.3 winner by 195 points
2015 Fifth Place OverallBad News Bears
2014 League Champion League ChampionJersey BoysJersey Boys 207.29 defeated Suhs Your Daddy 182.01
2014 Second Place OverallSuhs Your Daddy
2014 Third Place OverallLithgow Shamrocks
2014 Fourth Place OverallRogue Assassins
2014 Fifth Place OverallRed River D's
2014 League High Scorer League High ScorerSilent Midgets3401.82 points, winner by 167 points
2013 League Champion League ChampionCrystal ShipCrystal Ship 245.85 defeated Rebel Alliance 194.73
2013 Second Place OverallRebel Alliance
2013 Third Place OverallBad News Bears
2013 Fourth Place OverallSuck my Vick
2013 Fifth Place OverallDayton Triangles
2013 League High ScorerCrystal Ship4154.16 points, winner by 232 points
2012 League Champion League ChampionDebowDebow (182.05) Jersey Boys (176.46)
2012 Second Place OverallJersey Boys
2012 Third Place OverallWildcats
2012 Fourth Place OverallStorming Foxes
2012 League High ScorerStorming Foxes3164.82, winner by 40 points
2012 Fifth Place OverallMad Dogs
2011 League Champion League ChampionSilent Midgets
2011 Second Place OverallRed River D's
2011 Third Place OverallSummers Time Blues
2011 Fourth Place OverallAll Americans
2011 League High ScorerYagoona Hotdogs3081.81, winner by 4 points
2011 Fifth Place OverallSteel City Up-Downs
2010 League Champion League ChampionSteel City Up-Downs
2010 Second Place OverallStorming Foxes
2010 Third Place OverallMontana to Rice
2010 Fourth Place OverallYagoona Hotdogs
2010 League High ScorerStorming Foxes2579.83, winner by 79 points
2010 Fifth Place OverallW.S.A.
2009 League Champion League ChampionStorm in a Teacup
2009 Second Place OverallThat Guy
2009 Third Place OverallPhantasy Dawgs
2009 Fourth Place OverallPhunkee Nugg Puffaz
2009 League High Scorer League High ScorerStorm in a Teacup2792.64
2009 Fifth Place Overall49ER GOLD DIGGERS
My Bye Weeks
NFL Teams On Bye In Week 1
No NFL Teams On Bye
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Week 1 MVP Players
All Week 1 Top Performers
Week 1 MVP Starters
All Week 1 Top Starters
League Standings
Franchise W‑L‑T PF
Storm in a Teacup 0‑0‑00
Nick's Franchise 0‑0‑00
Franchise 3 0‑0‑00
Franchise 4 0‑0‑00
Franchise 5 0‑0‑00
Franchise 6 0‑0‑00
Franchise 7 0‑0‑00
Franchise 8 0‑0‑00
Suhs Your Daddy 0‑0‑00
Franchise 10 0‑0‑00
Buttergig's Honey Badgers 0‑0‑00
Red Stick Tigers 0‑0‑00
Wildcats 0‑0‑00
Franchise 14 0‑0‑00
Franchise 15 0‑0‑00
Ringgold 0‑0‑00
Weekly Results
Select A Franchise:
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Weekly Summary
Franchise/Week 1 PF
Storm in a Teacup0.00 0.00
Nick's Franchise0.00 0.00
Franchise 30.00 0.00
Franchise 40.00 0.00
Franchise 50.00 0.00
Franchise 60.00 0.00
Franchise 70.00 0.00
Franchise 80.00 0.00
Suhs Your Daddy0.00 0.00
Franchise 100.00 0.00
Buttergig's Honey Badgers0.00 0.00
Red Stick Tigers0.00 0.00
Wildcats0.00 0.00
Franchise 140.00 0.00
Franchise 150.00 0.00
Ringgold0.00 0.00
Power Rankings
  All-Play Record
Franchise PF PP Eff Bench Points Max PF Min PF Coulda Won Woulda Lost Power Rank Alternate Power Rank W L T Pct
Storm in a Teacup00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Nick's Franchise00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Franchise 300.0%0.00000.000000.000
Franchise 400.0%0.00000.000000.000
Franchise 500.0%0.00000.000000.000
Franchise 600.0%0.00000.000000.000
Franchise 700.0%0.00000.000000.000
Franchise 800.0%0.00000.000000.000
Suhs Your Daddy00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Franchise 1000.0%0.00000.000000.000
Buttergig's Honey Badgers00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Red Stick Tigers00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Franchise 1400.0%0.00000.000000.000
Franchise 1500.0%0.00000.000000.000
Starter Points By Position
 QB    RB    WR    TE    PK    DT+DE    LB    CB+S  
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Full Report
Points Allowed By Position
 QB    RB    WR    TE    PK    DT+DE    LB    CB+S  
The chart will appear within this DIV. This text will be replaced by the chart. If it does not, it most likely means that you have this Points Allowed Chart twice on your league home page, when it can only appear once.
Full Report
My Scratchpad
My Scratchpad
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Survivor Pool
Franchise/Week 1234567891011121314151617
Storm in a Teacup-----------------
Red Stick Tigers-----------------
Top Site-Wide Survivor Picks
WeekTop Survivor PickPct
Who Should I Start?
Should StartShould BenchPctCount
Allen, Josh BUF QBFoles, Nick JAC QB81.80%11
Allen, Josh BUF QBStafford, Matthew DET QB66.70%9
Allen, Josh BUF QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB62.50%8
Brady, Tom NEP QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB84.20%19
Brady, Tom NEP QBStafford, Matthew DET QB75.00%8
Brady, Tom NEP QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB71.40%7
Brady, Tom NEP QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB66.70%6
Brady, Tom NEP QBAllen, Josh BUF QB66.70%6
Brady, Tom NEP QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB62.50%8
Brady, Tom NEP QBPrescott, Dak DAL QB50.00%16
Brees, Drew NOS QBWentz, Carson PHI QB81.80%11
Brees, Drew NOS QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB77.80%9
Brees, Drew NOS QBGoff, Jared LAR QB71.40%7
Brees, Drew NOS QBMayfield, Baker CLE QB62.50%8
Brees, Drew NOS QBWilson, Russell SEA QB50.00%8
Brees, Drew NOS QBRodgers, Aaron GBP QB50.00%4
Bridgewater, Teddy NOS QBTannehill, Ryan TEN QB50.00%4
Carr, Derek OAK QBManning, Eli NYG QB50.00%4
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBPrescott, Dak DAL QB77.80%9
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBRivers, Philip LAC QB75.00%8
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB70.00%10
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB62.50%8
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB57.10%7
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBNewton, Cam CAR QB50.00%6
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBWentz, Carson PHI QB50.00%8
Dalton, Andy CIN QBFoles, Nick JAC QB60.00%5
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBCarr, Derek OAK QB75.00%8
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBFlacco, Joe DEN QB71.40%7
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBManning, Eli NYG QB66.70%6
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBMariota, Marcus TEN QB50.00%8
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB80.00%10
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBStafford, Matthew DET QB66.70%6
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBPrescott, Dak DAL QB60.00%5
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBCarr, Derek OAK QB55.60%9
Goff, Jared LAR QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB80.00%15
Goff, Jared LAR QBWentz, Carson PHI QB77.80%9
Goff, Jared LAR QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB75.00%12
Jackson, Lamar BAL QBMariota, Marcus TEN QB88.90%18
Jackson, Lamar BAL QBCarr, Derek OAK QB75.00%8
Jackson, Lamar BAL QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB55.60%9
Jackson, Lamar BAL QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB50.00%6
Keenum, Case WAS QBRosen, Josh ARI QB50.00%4
Luck, Andrew IND QBWentz, Carson PHI QB84.60%13
Luck, Andrew IND QBFlacco, Joe DEN QB84.60%13
Luck, Andrew IND QBWilson, Russell SEA QB75.00%8
Luck, Andrew IND QBWatson, Deshaun HOU QB62.50%8
Luck, Andrew IND QBBrees, Drew NOS QB61.50%13
Mahomes, Patrick KCC QBRyan, Matt ATL QB75.00%8
Manning, Eli NYG QBCarr, Derek OAK QB50.00%4
Mariota, Marcus TEN QBFoles, Nick JAC QB66.70%6
Mariota, Marcus TEN QBDalton, Andy CIN QB62.50%8
Mariota, Marcus TEN QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB50.00%8
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBWentz, Carson PHI QB83.30%12
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB81.80%11
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBPrescott, Dak DAL QB78.60%14
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBWilson, Russell SEA QB69.20%13
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB65.00%20
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBGoff, Jared LAR QB60.00%5
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBRyan, Matt ATL QB60.00%5
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB53.80%13
Newton, Cam CAR QBBrady, Tom NEP QB81.80%11
Newton, Cam CAR QBStafford, Matthew DET QB78.60%14
Newton, Cam CAR QBBridgewater, Teddy NOS QB77.80%9
Newton, Cam CAR QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB71.40%7
Newton, Cam CAR QBRivers, Philip LAC QB66.70%12
Newton, Cam CAR QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB63.60%11
Newton, Cam CAR QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB60.00%10
Newton, Cam CAR QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB50.00%12
Newton, Cam CAR QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB50.00%6
Prescott, Dak DAL QBStafford, Matthew DET QB77.80%9
Prescott, Dak DAL QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB60.00%10
Prescott, Dak DAL QBBrady, Tom NEP QB50.00%16
Prescott, Dak DAL QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB50.00%8
Rivers, Philip LAC QBBrady, Tom NEP QB60.00%5
Rivers, Philip LAC QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB60.00%5
Rivers, Philip LAC QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB50.00%8
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBPrescott, Dak DAL QB77.80%9
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBBrady, Tom NEP QB71.40%7
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBBrees, Drew NOS QB50.00%4
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB78.60%14
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBAllen, Josh BUF QB66.70%9
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBPrescott, Dak DAL QB53.30%15
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBNewton, Cam CAR QB50.00%12
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB50.00%12
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB50.00%6
Rosen, Josh ARI QBKeenum, Case WAS QB50.00%4
Ryan, Matt ATL QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB80.00%10
Ryan, Matt ATL QBPrescott, Dak DAL QB78.60%14
Ryan, Matt ATL QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB75.00%12
Ryan, Matt ATL QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB70.00%10
Ryan, Matt ATL QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB70.00%10
Ryan, Matt ATL QBGoff, Jared LAR QB66.70%6
Ryan, Matt ATL QBWentz, Carson PHI QB66.70%6
Ryan, Matt ATL QBRivers, Philip LAC QB62.50%8
Ryan, Matt ATL QBNewton, Cam CAR QB55.60%9
Stafford, Matthew DET QBFoles, Nick JAC QB80.00%10
Stafford, Matthew DET QBMariota, Marcus TEN QB66.70%6
Stafford, Matthew DET QBCarr, Derek OAK QB66.70%6
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBBridgewater, Teddy NOS QB50.00%4
Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QBStafford, Matthew DET QB77.80%9
Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QBPrescott, Dak DAL QB50.00%8
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBCarr, Derek OAK QB84.60%13
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBMayfield, Baker CLE QB77.80%9
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBRodgers, Aaron GBP QB66.70%6
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBBrees, Drew NOS QB55.60%9
Wentz, Carson PHI QBStafford, Matthew DET QB84.60%13
Wentz, Carson PHI QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB81.80%11
Wentz, Carson PHI QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB80.00%10
Wentz, Carson PHI QBRivers, Philip LAC QB77.80%9
Wentz, Carson PHI QBBrady, Tom NEP QB66.70%6
Wentz, Carson PHI QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB64.30%14
Wentz, Carson PHI QBPrescott, Dak DAL QB55.60%9
Wentz, Carson PHI QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB50.00%8
Wilson, Russell SEA QBBrady, Tom NEP QB78.60%14
Wilson, Russell SEA QBRyan, Matt ATL QB55.60%9
Wilson, Russell SEA QBBrees, Drew NOS QB50.00%8
Winston, Jameis TBB QBAllen, Josh BUF QB75.00%8
Winston, Jameis TBB QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB73.30%15
Winston, Jameis TBB QBBrady, Tom NEP QB61.50%13
Winston, Jameis TBB QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB60.00%10
Winston, Jameis TBB QBPrescott, Dak DAL QB55.60%9
Winston, Jameis TBB QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB50.00%12
Winston, Jameis TBB QBRivers, Philip LAC QB50.00%8
Full Who Should I Start Report
NFL Pick 'Em Pool Summary
Storm in a Teacup000000000000000000
Red Stick Tigers000000000000000000
Detailed Results
Fantasy Pick 'Em Pool Summary
Storm in a Teacup00000000000000000
Red Stick Tigers00000000000000000
Detailed Results
League News Feed
League Feed


Weeks 13-16. 5 teams with Week 16 League Championship Game. This playoff format is the fairest playoff structure we have found and interestingly enough is modeled on international Rugby playoffs. Essentially, it gives a slightly greater reward to the team with the very best record while still giving all 5 teams a chance to win the championship. It may seem slightly complicated but if you follow the logic below, we're confident you'll realize it's an ingenious playoff system. Essentially, the 1st seeded team just needs to win 2 games, and the 4th & 5th seeded teams need to win 4 games, to win the championship. Teams placed 1st, 2nd & 3rd also do not get eliminated if they lose their first playoff game. This gives a real incentive to each team to do their very best not only to reach the playoffs, but to be seeded as high as possible when the playoffs start.

Round 1 (Week 13)

Game A - Seed #4 vs Seed #5 (Loser is eliminated, Winner advances to Game C)

Game B - Seed #2 vs Seed #3 (Loser advances to Game C, Winner advances to Game D)

Round 1 bye for Seed #1

Round 2 (Week 14)

Game C - Winner of Game A vs Loser of Game B (Loser is eliminated, Winner advances to Game E)

Game D - Seed #1 vs Winner of Game B (Winner advances to Super Bowl Game F, Loser advances to Game E)

Round 3 (Week 15)

Game E - Winner of Game C vs Loser of Game E (Loser is eliminated, Winner advances to Super Bowl Game F)

Round 3 bye for Winner of Game D

Super Bowl (Week 16)

Game F - Winner of Game D vs Winner of Game E